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Welcome to the howtomixcocktails.com. The home bar is a magnificent sight for both the hosts and their guests. In neat order tall bottles stand, lined up like soldiers at attention. Arrayed with sparkling stemware, glasses, and shiny accessories, the home bar is both beautiful and functional. A surprising array of cocktails are possible based on combinations of mixers. They range wildly in name, colour, flavour and texture. All are designed to delight the drinker and bring about a pleasant warm feeling inside.

Given the range available, where do you start. Why here of course. Help is at hand, here are an array of simple cocktail recipes to delight. They are arranged in order of name and also by mixer. If you have always wanted to try a Mudslide or a Dry Martini, they are both but a click away. Looking to start with a mixer like Cointreau, and want to know what drinks can be made with it, then it is all just a click away.

Cocktails by mixer are located by clicking here. While cocktails by name are located by clicking here. Bar equipment are located by clicking here. Cocktail and bartending books are located by clicking here. There are different suppliers for both Europe and the US.

Enjoy the taste sensation. Cheers Rossco.

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