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Measure Imperial Measure Metric Measure
Quart 32 fl. oz. 1 litre
Fifth 24 fl. oz. 750 ml.
Cup 8 fl. oz. 240 ml.
Split 6 fl. oz. 180 ml.
Wineglass 4 fl. oz. 120 ml.
Jigger 1 1/2 fl. oz. 45 ml.
Pony 1 fl. oz. 30 ml.
Tablespoon 1/2 fl. oz. 15 ml.
Teaspoon 1/6 fl. oz. 5 ml.
Dash or Splash 1/32 fl. oz. 1 ml.

 fl. oz. = fluid ounces
 ml. = millilitres

Abricotine - A French Apricot liqueur.
Absinthe - A green highly proofed beverage which turns milky when water is added.
Advocaat - A Dutch liqueur made from egg yokes, sugar and brandy.
Agwa - A South American liqueur which contains guarana, ginseng and coca.
Akvavit - A clear to pale yellow Scandinavian distilled liquor infused with flavor.
Ale - A beer, stronger than larger, containing malt and hops that has been top fermented.
Alize - A bottled mixture of fruit juices and cognac.
Amaretto - Liqueur made from apricot pits and herbs with an almond and vanilla taste.
Amer Picon - A French aperitif wine with a bitter orange flavor.
Angostura - A bitters originally compounded by army surgeon Dr J.G.B. Siegert in 1824.
Anisette - A very sweet liqueur made from anise seed.
Aperitif - An alcoholic beverage taken to stimulate the appetite before a meal.
Aperol - An Italian bitters made from herbs, roots and plants.
Applejack - Apple brandy.
Apple Brandy - An alcoholic liquor distilled from fermented apples.
Apricot Brandy - An alcoholic liquor distilled from fermented apricots.
Armagnac - A brandy from Gascony, France, and distilled from wine or fermented fruit.
Arrack - A liqueur made from rice.
Aurum - A brandy based, orange and saffron flavored Italian liqueur.
Babycham - A pear cider.
Bacardi - A brand of Cuban or Puerto Rican rum.
Baileys Irish Cream - A liqueur made from Irish whiskey and cream.
Banana Liqueur - A banana liqueur.
Barenjager - A German vodka based, honey flavored liqueur.
Barley Wine - A dark strong ale.
Beer - An alcoholic beverage brewed from malt and flavored by hops, encompasses ales and larger.
Benedictine D.O.M. - A French cognac based liqueur made by monks from 27 plants and spices.
Bitters - General term for a bitter tasting, alcoholic liquid made from herbs, bark, roots, plant extracts, flowers and fruits.
Black Raspberry Liqueur - A deep purple, brandy based liqueur made with berries, spices and honey.
Blackberry Liqueur - A blackberry liqueur.
Blanc - French for white wine.
Blended Whiskey - A blend of two whiskeys or a whiskey and a neutral spirit.
Blue Curacao - A Dutch West Indies blue liqueur made from orange peels, one of the curacao family.
Body - The weight or consistency of wine.
Bourbon - An American whiskey distilled from at least 51% corn (maize).
Brandy - An alcoholic liquor distilled from either wine or fermented fruit.
Brut - Very dry champagne.
Byrrh - A reddish French aperitif wine made from bark, quinine and herbs.
Cachaca - A Brazilian sugar cane brandy.
Calisay - A Spanish liqueur
Calvados - A apple brandy distilled in Normandy, France.
Campari - A brilliant red, bitter, Italian aperitif wine.
Canadian Whiskey - A blended liquor distilled from corn, wheat, rye or barley.
Cava - Sparkling white wine from Spain.
Chambord - A French black raspberry liqueur.
Champagne - A sparkling wine made from a variety of different grapes in Champagne, France.
Chartreuse - A French herb liqueur digestif, made from 130 herbs, coming in blue, yellow, red and green.
Cherry Brandy - A cherry flavored brandy.
Cider - Fermented apple juice that is clarified and filtered.
Cinnamon Liqueur - A cinnamon liqueur.
Claret - A light red wine from Bordeaux, France.
Coconut Liqueur - A coconut liqueur.
Coconut Rum - A coconut flavored rum.
Coffee Liqueur - A dark brown sweet liqueur, with undertones of vanilla, orange or almond.
Cognac - A brandy made in Cognac, France.
Cointreau - A French liqueur made from orange peels, one of the curacao family.
Cordial (Liqueur) - A sweet flavored liquor based spirit.
Corkage - A fee charged by a restaurant for a guest who brings their own wine.
Corked - A wine ruined by a faulty cork, where air has entered the bottle.
Cream of Coconut - A coconut base or syrup used as a base in some cocktails.
Creme de Bananes - A banana liqueur, coming as white or brown.
Creme de Cacao - A cocoa and vanilla liqueur, coming as either dark or white, made from cocoa beans, spices and vanilla with a brandy base.
Creme de Cafe - A coffee liqueur.
Creme de Cassis - A dark red liqueur made from black currants.
Creme de Fraises - A strawberry liqueur with a brandy base.
Creme de Framboise - A raspberry liqueur with a brandy base.
Creme de Menthe - A peppermint liqueur, coming in either red, green or white.
Creme de Mure - A blackberry liqueur.
Creme de Nananas - A rum based, pineapple flavored liqueur.
Creme de Noyau - An almond liqueur with a brandy base.
Creme de Rose - A rose petal liqueur.
Creme de Vanille - A vanilla liqueur.
Creme de Violette - A lavender colored liqueur made from vanilla and cacao with a violet bouquet.
Creme d' Yvette - A liqueur made similar to Creme de Violette with a violet taste.
Curacao - A liqueur made from Curacao orange peels which are grown in the West Indian Island of Curacao, comes in blue, orange, green, and clear.
Cynar - An Italian artichoke and herb liqueur.
Dash - A quarter of a teaspoon.
Decant - To pour a bottle into another container, either to aerate it or remove sediment.
Digestif - An alcoholic beverage served after dinner to aid digestion.
D.O.M. - The initials appearing on a bottle of Benedictine, they stand for 'Deo Optimo Maximo' (To God, most Good, most Great) [Latin].
Double Cream - Cream with ~48% butterfat, a rich cream.
Drambuie - A liqueur made from scotch whisky, heather honey and herbs.
Dry - Referring to wine which is without sweetness and low in residual sugar.
Dry Vermouth (French Vermouth) - An aperitif white wine which has brandy added and is flavored with over 50 herbs.
Dubonnet - A French aperitif wine, coming in either red or white.
Eggnog - A milk drink.
Espresso - A strong coffee made by forcing steam through coffee grounds.
Fernet Branca - An Italian bitters made using over 40 herbs and plants.
Fernet Branca Menthe - An Italian bitters made using over 40 herbs and plants.
Fino - Pale sherry.
Float - To layer a cocktail by 'floating' a light spirit on top of a heavier spirit.
Forbidden fruit - A liqueur made from brandy, honey and grapefruit.
Fortified - At some stage in production a spirit is added.
Frangelico - A hazelnut, vanilla, orange and coffee liqueur.
Galliano - A sweet, spicy, bright yellow, Italian brandy based liqueur made from over 30 herbs and spices.
Garnish - A decoration on a drink.
Gin - A grain distilled liquor made with a neutral spirit base and generally flavored with juniper berries.
Goldschlager - A Swiss high proof, clear, cinnamon schnapps with flecks of gold leaf.
Goldwasser - A herb flavored liqueur with gold leaf flecks.
Grand Mariner - Cognac based triple orange liqueur.
Grappa - Italian brandy.
Grenadine - A sweet, red syrup made from pomegranates.
Gromme - Sugar syrup.
Hazelnut Liqueur - A sweet, syrupy, amber colored hazelnut liqueur.
Hot Drinks - Heated drinks.
Irish Cream - A silky liqueur made from Irish whiskey and cream.
Irish Mist - A liqueur made from Irish whiskey, honey, citrus and sweet herbs.
Irish Whiskey - A liquor distilled from cereal grains (barley, malted barley, wheat, oats).
Jagermeister - German digestif made from 56 herbs and spices.
Jigger - A device to measure liqueur quantities.
Kahlua - A Mexican coffee liqueur with hints of vanilla and chocolate.
Kirsch - A black cherry brandy coming in reddish brown or clear.
Kummel - A sweet clear digestif liqueur made from caraway, anise, cumin and fennel.
Lager - A beer, weaker than ale, containing malt and hops that has been bottom fermented.
Licor 43 - A Spanish brandy based liqueur with 43 ingredients.
Lillet - A French aperitif made from wine, brandy, fruit and herbs, coming in red or white.
Limoncello - An Italian liqueur made with lemons and sugar.
Liqueur (Cordial) - A sweet flavored liquor based spirit.
Liquor - A distilled alcoholic beverage.
Lychee Liqueur - A lychee liqueur.
Madeira - A blended and fortified Portuguese wine.
Malibu - A melon liqueur.
Mandarine Napoleon - A Belgian tangerine and cognac flavored liqueur.
Mango Liqueur - A mango liqueur.
Maraschino - A clear, bitter liqueur made from cherries and their pits.
Marc - French brandy made from the byproducts of the wine making process.
Marsala - A full bodied, fortified red wine from Sicily.
Mead - An alcoholic beverage made from honey, herbs and water.
Melon Liqueur - A melon liqueur.
Metaxa - A sweet Greek brandy.
Mezcal - A Mexican distilled liquor made from agave plants.
Midori - A green Japanese melon flavored liqueur.
Mist - A term meaning 'On the Rocks' or poured over ice.
Muddle - To mash together.
Neat - Straight, no ice, not mixed, not chilled.
Night Cap - The offer of a drink at the end of an evening.
Non-Alcoholic - Drinks made without alcohol.
On the Rocks - A term meaning to pour directly over ice.
Orange Liqueur - A liqueur made from orange peels (See also curacao, grand mariner, cointreau, triple sec).
Orgaet - An almond, citrus flavored sweetener.
Ouzo - A clear, anise flavored Greek liqueur.
Parfait Amour - Sweet pink or violet liqueur with a citrus base containing spices and extracts of flower petals.
Passion Fruit Liqueur - A citrus based liqueur.
Passoa - A non-alcoholic, filtered passion fruit syrup.
Pastis - A French aniseed flavored bitters.
Peach Liqueur - A peach liqueur.
Peppermint Schnapps - A light, sweet, mint flavored liqueur.
Pernod - A French anise flavored aperitif liqueur.
Perry - Fermented pear juice that is clarified and filtered.
Peychaud - An orange flavored bitters.
Pimm's No. 1 - A fortified liqueur with a gin base.
Pimm's No. 6 - A fortified liqueur with a vodka base.
Pineau de Charente - An aperitif wine produced in Charente, France.
Pinga - A Brazilian sugar cane brandy.
Pisang Ambon - A green, banana and herb flavored Indonesian liqueur.
Pisco - An alcoholic liquor distilled from wine or fermented fruit.
Poire William - A pear liqueur.
Pony - One fluid ounce.
Port - A rich, sweet, fortified Portuguese wine.
Pousse Café - A layered drink or an alcoholic coffee drink.
Proof - Measurement of alcohol content, where 100 Proof = 50% Alcohol by volume.
Prosecco - An Italian wine.
Prunelle - A plum liqueur.
Punt - The indent at the bottom of a wine bottle.
Punt e Mes - A slightly bittered Italian dry vermouth.
Raki - A distilled beverage made from the byproducts of the wine making process.
Raspberry Liqueur - A raspberry liqueur.
Rosso - Italian for red wine.
Rouge - French for red wine.
Royal Mint Chocolate - French mint chocolate liqueur.
Rum - Liquor made from the fermentation and distillation of molasses or sugar cane.
Rye - Whiskey distilled from at least 51% rye.
Sabra - Israeli orange chocolate liqueur.
Safari - A Dutch yellow fruit liqueur made from mangoes, limes and papaya.
Sake - A brew, sometimes called a 'wine' which is made from fermented rice.
Sambuca - An Italian liqueur made from grape distillates, elderberries and anise, coming in clear or black.
Schnapps - A light bodied, often colored and sweetly flavored liqueur.
Scotch - Scotch whisky.
Scotch Whisky - A Scottish liquor distilled from cereal grains, primarily barley.
Shake - To use a cocktail shaker to combine the ingredients.
Sherry - A fortified blended wine from Spain.
Shot - A drink of 1-2 ounces which is thrown down the throat.
Single Cream - Cream with ~12% butterfat
Sloe Gin - A sweet, bright red, gin based liqueur, flavored with sloe plums.
Soda Water (Club Soda) - Carbonated water.
Southern Comfort - An American liqueur made from bourbon, peach and citrus.
Spirit - Any distilled alcohol. An alcoholic beverage which is neither a wine or a beer.
Stout - A dark beer, stronger than larger, containing malt and hops that has been top fermented.
Strawberry Liqueur - A strawberry liqueur.
Strega - A spicy, sweet Italian liqueur made from over 70 herbs and spices.
Sugar Syrup - Liquefied sugar made by mixing two parts sugar with one part water.
Sulfites - A natural additive to wine protecting against organism and oxygen damage.
Swedish Punch - A pale yellow Scandinavian liqueur made from over 30 ingredients.
Sweet Vermouth (Italian Vermouth) - A aperitif white wine which has brandy added and is flavored with 50 or more herbs.
Tannin - The natural acid found in grape skins and stems, which adds tartness to wine.
Tequila - A Mexican distilled liquor (Mezcal) made from agave plants and within a particular region of Mexico.
Tia Maria - A Jamaican coffee liqueur with a rum base.
Tinto - Portuguese for red wine.
Tonic Water - Carbonated quinine citrus flavored water.
Triple Sec - A liqueur made from orange peels, one of the curacao family.
Tuaca - An Italian brandy based liqueur, flavored with citrus, nuts, vanilla and milk.
Ullage - The space between the cork and the wine.
Van der Hum - A South African brandy based orange liqueur flavored with herbs and spices.
Vandermint - A Dutch chocolate mint liqueur.
Vanilla Liqueur - A vanilla liqueur.
Vermouth - An aperitif wine which has brandy added and is flavored with 50 or more herbs.
Vin - French for wine.
Vino - Italian or Spanish for wine.
Vintage - The year the grape was harvested.
Vodka - A neutral and colorless distilled liquor.
Wein - German for wine.
Whipping Cream - Cream with ~35% butterfat
Whisky - Scotch Whisky, all other whiskeys are spelt with an 'e'.
Whiskey - A liquor distilled from cereal grains (wheat, rye, corn, oats, barley).
Wine - Fermented juice of grapes or other fruit.
Wort - Beer before it is fermented, this contains water, barley, hops and sugar.
Yukon Jack - A Canadian based whisky liqueur flavored with citrus and herbs.
Zest - A strip of lemon or orange peel.
Zubrowka - A yellow vodka made from bison grass.

British Proof American Proof Alcohol by volume
175 200 100%
100 Proof 114 57%
88 100 Proof 50%
70 80 40%
0 0 0%
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